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20 June 2019
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The public university of Institute of Technology, Bandung (ITB), which has been transforming into so-called ITB-BHMN by its legal status since the year of 2001 is the center for development of science, technology and art (IPTEKS) on the basis of research and orientation to community services. Sustainable development of IPTEKS has been perseveringly conducted in order to improve the quality of ITB as the leading and most prestigious educational institution in Indonesia.

LPPM, Institute of Research and Community Services, is an organization within academic unit of ITB-BHMN and institutionally responsible for facilitation and coordination of collaboration in research and community services activities so as to increase mutual synergy of academic competence of ITB and the community.

LPPM was established at the end of 2001 wherein the Institute for Research of ITB, settled in 1959, merged with the Institute for Community Services of ITB as a form of transformation program of ITB-BHMN toward academic excellence within an efficient, transparent, accountable, and professional management and consistently non-profit educational institution in order to perform TriDharma, the three duties of the institution which cover education, research, and community services, in balance.

LPPM-ITB has well-managed its national and international collaboration with other research institutions, government, industries, private and state-owned enterprises, and community organizations, and formulated the collaboration in trainings, partnerships, and consultancies. The occurrence of such collaboration reflects a high degree of community reliability to the competence of LPPM-ITB. To the community as clients and stakeholders, we would like to give a great deal of gratitude for the collaboration which has resulted in empowering each other towards prospering people by the development of IPTEKS through the achievement of improving scholarships of discovery, integration, application, and teaching.


RESEARCH, conducting research for the interest of both IPTEKS and the community development

EDUCATION AND TRAINING, conducting training and non degree courses for improving the quality of human resources

CONSULTANCY SERVICES, conducting consultancy which involves: studies, surveys, and investigations, planning and designs, physical and service implementation, project's management supervision

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT MANAGEMENT (MANAJEMEN HAKI), providing consultancy services in managing intellectual assets, conducting training in managing intellectual assets for business executive, serving the management of intellectual assets of organization.


intends to be the leading Institute for Research and Community Services, in order to facilitate Indonesian community to be an integrated, sovereign, and prosperous nation through the research and development of science, technology, and art (IPTEKS).


guides the development and change of the community through activities of research and community services which are innovative, qualified, and responsive to global development and local challenges.